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Pediatric Dentistry in Saratoga Springs, NY

Pediatric Dentistry Saratoga Springs

The best kids' dentists understand your children's fears and concerns and have the skill and experience to handle common childhood dental issues. Dr. Arpei-McHugh, your pediatric dentist at Arpei-McHugh Family Dentistry, PLLC in Saratoga Springs, NY, explains how pediatric dentists help your children maintain good oral health.

Pediatric dentists have special training

After dental school, kids' dentists complete an intensive two-year pediatric dentistry residency that prepares them to identify and treat dental and developmental issues in infants, babies, children and teenagers. Children aren't just mini adults. They need special care to ensure that their teeth and jaws develop appropriately. In many cases, problems that are easy to correct when a child is young can turn into major issues later if they're overlooked.

Positive dental experiences are emphasized

Pediatric dentists know that a visit to the dentist can be a little scary for some children. Their offices are decorated to appeal to kids and feature cheerful colors and child-sized furniture and equipment. The staff takes extra time to make your children feel comfortable and explains every aspect of treatment in language appropriate for your son or daughter's age.

Early visits help children become used to the idea of dental examinations. Dentists recommend that children visit their Arpei-McHugh Family Dentistry dentist within six months after the first tooth appears or by age one at the latest.

Education is an important part of dental visits

Is the daily teeth brushing ritual a frustrating experience in your home? Your child's dentist can help support your efforts to encourage good dental hygiene by explaining why brushing and flossing are so important in kid-friendly terms. They can also offer suggestions that may must make the process easier for everyone.

Pediatric dentists offer special treatments that protect teeth

Cavities don't have to be an unavoidable fact of life. Pediatric dentists offer two treatments that can reduce your child's risk of tooth decay. Fluoride treatments help strengthen tooth enamel, making them more resistant to the effects of acids, while sealants coat molars with a protective substance that prevents tooth decay.

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